Beta Development - Pending

Kristophergeou 25 December 2023 00:27 389

🟢- Added and finished | 🟠- Coming next update | 🟡- Under Development

Beta List:

🟡- Lyla (Baker), will have her weekly shop 
🟡- Add more recipes to the smoker
🟡- Add XP per bake in the smoker
🟡- Archive/Codex (Npcs, Recipes, Mobs, Bosses, Crops, Regions)
🟢- Iron, Gold, Diamond Armor - Tools (They need a lil remake)
🟡- Lava Fishing
🟡- Finish with all the Custom Name/Lore for every item
🟡- Rework Brewing Stand
🟡- Make the forge friendship-level based to unlock more recipes
🟡- Interaction with a few of the graves on the spawn
🟡-  Set up the boss to the arena
🟡- The minimum of 50 daily quests
🟡- Add artifacts to the game
🟡- Minions to be added (?) - not so sure about that one
🟡- The minimum of 100 achievements
🟡- GUI for the particles (cosmetics menu)
🟡- Menus for (/warp, /kit)
🟡- A menu for player management (kick, mute, ban, etc.)
🟡- Mines with custom NPCs, quests, and unlockable areas
🟡- Story quest related to the mines and the NPCs there
🟡- Pumpkin Hunt game of patchy (remake)
🟡- Patchy's Special Pumpkin Shop
🟢- Store - Exchange Piggy Currency to Corbits with 2 > 1
🟡- More NPC Interactions
🟡- Add the boosters to the game
🟡- Premade banners to the loom
🟡- More items with custom functions like the hoe
🟡- Rework the whole wood processing to fewer menus(?)
🟢- Bulk buy and sell in the shop
🟢- Ranks that can be obtained via voting/playing
🟡- Add the ability for the user to transfer leadership of the island
🟡- Add the ability for the users to demote their leader after 30 days of inactivity
🟢- be able to select your prefix `/prefix` (donators)
🟡- Item that can give temp fly to the user.
🟡- Weekly island or global goals
🟡- Staff transactions for the island bank logs
🟡- Make the staff ranks and their permissions
🟡-/blocks - gui - convert ingots into blocks - probably devine+ perk
🟢- Change the "Time" in the boss bar to the local timezone that the user has
🟡- Add withdraw for the valuable blocks in the island level

🟡- Add more island personal missions, island missions, global missions
🟡- Rework the skills

25 December 2023 00:27
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