First Week - Pre Beta

Kristophergeou 28 December 2023 16:23 692

Changelogs of the day ( 28-12-2023):

🟢Added | 🟠Adjusted |🔴 Removed
🟢- Workbench Interaction ( Opens a gui with the workbench, woodsmith, and advanced workbench) - Currently only the woodsmith works.
🟢- Sound when you click the filter in the woodsmith.
🟢- Support for the latest minecraft version. The server reaming 1.20.2+
🟠- enforce secure profile is now disabled
🟢- Second Recipe for: Oak, Acacia, Birch, Cherry, Crimson, Dark Oak, Jungle, Mangrove, Spruce, Warped Planks

🔴- ResourceWorld
🟢- New World for resources (Available from tomorrow)

Changelogs of the day (29-12-2023):
🟢- New Resource World added - F > Waypoints > ResourceWorld
🟢- Added all the fish to normal fishing, not everything is done yet tho
🟠- Changed the enchanting books from knowledge book > Book

Changelogs of the day (30-12-2023):

‎🟢- Souls to the mobs when killing them - Right now just chicken for testing

‎🟢- Centered Lyla(NPC)
🟠- Fixed the fishing
🔴- Sync discord from boss bar

Changelogs of the day (31-12-2023):

‎‎🟢- Souls for every entity (Tier List will be added in a codex, w how much souls an entity gives)

28 December 2023 16:23
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