Corrupted Lands


Our community guidelines for a better and more fun gaming experience...

Be friendly

Be friendly towards everyone on the server, and refrain from arguing with staff or disrespecting other players on the server, we expect you to treat others with respect and kindness, if you have issues with a staff member, please contact the server administrator.


Inappropriate chats

Chatting inappropriately with others in the entire server is prohibited, including but not limited to, disrespectful phrases, sexual remarks, racism, and harmful sayings.


Hate speech

Any form of hate speech to other members on the CorruptedLands discord, forums, or Minecraft server is not allowed, that includes but not limited to Racism, Homophobia, Sexism, etc.


Foreign languages

Unfortunately, CorruptedLands has to be an English-only server, as we don't have the manpower to moderate other languages.


Pinging Staff

We already read all messages sent to the server. We will see your message as soon as we are available. If you have something important to say, open a ticket in support.


Real Money Trading

Trading in-game items for real money and vice versa is strictly prohibited. Similarly, our community platforms should not be used to advertise such trades.



The material advertising of quality, goods and/or services that are not directly related to, or are competitors of, CorruptedLands is not allowed under any circumstances.


Please note that our rules are subject to change without notice.